‘Spider-Man: Vengeance’ Fan Film Review


For a fan film this is very good. The plot revolves around Harry finding out Peter’s secret identity; he plots his revenge very well, hurting the people Peter loves the most, including his new girlfriend Mary-Jane. For me, it’s quite confusing as they are friends who suddenly go, “Alright, so we are a couple.” Peter manages to get the black suit and he uses it as advantage against his enemies, notably Crime Master. Both the hero and the villain have a girlfriend, but Harry’s girlfriend breaks up with him because of his desire to be the Goblin. Peter finds out that the Goblin is actually his best friend who turned on to the path to revenge; Peter is given the choice to kill his friend even though he doesn’t want to, but in the end he has no choice but to kill him. He is deeply upset by his choice and gives up being Spider-Man for a while, but soon decides to come back as Spider-Man out out of a sense of duty to the city.

This fan film feels like a mainstream film: it’s got a real storyline and a soundtrack to fit it. While watching this film I was excited all the way by the quality of the production. The Black Magic was used for all the shoot and used well. The acting was pretty good as you can’t really tell if they are acting and it is said that they all have experience in acting in television in some way.

The marketing of this film was done brilliantly as you had all the behind the scenes videos throughout the production process and at least five trailers introducing the film to its audience. You can see that the cast and crew were having fun during the project. This film launches Six Side Studios and there are plenty more to come this years as they are breaking away from the Spiderman franchise. It is one of the best fan films I have seen so far.

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