Darth Plagueis Book Review


To start with I can tell you that I learnt a lot about the Star Wars universe as this book is set before the prequels and mainly set on to two new characters. The first character is Darth Plagueis, who develops powers over life and death. We see that he killed his own master to gain more power and he decides then to explore the galaxy on his own. The second character is called Darth Sidious, chosen by Darth Plagueis to be his apprentice and himself very powerful in the Force. His power is known by Palpatine, thought to be one of the great politicians of the age, good using words to get what he wants.  Through his character we can see the way of future politics.

Through the book we learn that the two Sith were conspiring to make sure that Palpatine gets into power as Supreme Chancellor. They helped the Trade Federation get into power by getting rid of their opponents in the Senate, operating mostly in the shadows. Darth Plagueis is known by another name as well: Hego Demask. He met some of the most powerful Jedi Masters, including Dooku and Sifo-Dyas. He had the idea of a clone army and managed to get Sifo-Dyas to come around to the idea of a human clone army. You see that Darth Sidious is growing to hate his master; when he gets powerful enough he decides that he is going to kill him. The Rule Two begins then as it was first installed by a Sith Lord called Darth Bane who said that they can only be a master and apprentice. The master will have all the power; the apprentice might crave to the point where it would lead them to kill their own master to gain their power. Darth Maul is a powerful warrior who has killed many Jedi throughout the book and Darth Sidious thinks it strange that a powerful Sith warrior like Darth Maul could be killed by a Jedi like Obi-Wan. In later stories it turns out that Darth Maul survived his first encounter with Obi-Wan, but that is a story for another day. The book itself is quite dark as we learn of Darth Maul being chosen as an apprentice, meanwhile kept in the dark about the plan which is to overthrow the Republic and create an Empire where they will rule with an iron fist. They also plan to destroy the Jedi order because of past Sith mistakes. Darth Plagueis was always experimenting with the dark side of the Force: he accidentally created Anakin and it was believed that Anakin was the prophesied one to bring balance to the Force. After Dooku left the Jedi Order Darth Sidious managed to take him as his apprentice, but he has always plotted from the beginning to get Anakin to go over to the dark side so that the Sith plan can work.

Overall I think that this is one of the best stories I’ve read so far and it is even better for being part of Star Wars Legends. I liked idea of offering the old books and their stories as it goes to the very beginning of Star Wars to the end where Luke Skywalker is a grandfather.

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