Captain America: Civil War – A Look Ahead


Towards the end of this month this film will be released in the UK, and judging by previews it looks good. Based on the graphic novel ‘Civil War’ where the Avengers turn against each other as government tries to put a leash on them, in it Captain America doesn’t like the idea and then Tony aka Iron Man goes with the idea but in the end nothing prevents a war against one another.

This film promises massive changes to the genre. This is the beginning of Phase Three, so we are going to seeing a lot of ripples through each associated film that comes out in the next five years. There are rumours that there could be a Phase Four, depending on how well Phase Three does. The Phases are a series of films that started in 2008, Iron Man being the first one. Phase One and Two had only six film in each of their Phases. Phase Three is going to be having at least eleven films in its Phase.

Overall to wrap things up I will say that we are going to be a interesting year for films this year and we are in for a hell of a ride.

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