Nazma Botanica ‘Eco-Warrior’

Feature IMGEco-Warrior; A term used as self-description for environmental activists that adopts a ‘hands-on’ effort to save a plot of land.


Held in Swansea’s Volcano Theatre, Nazma Botanica introduced a body of work titled Eco-Warriors. Her first solo exhibition is a series of self-portraits bringing together the artists photography work as a series of collage.

Botanica described each warrior as a representation of a celebration energy of human nature to enjoy taking part in nature and its reflection on the human body. The concept grew from growing forms from cutouts of magazines during a period of insomnia and depression in Botanica’s life.

Dozens of a4 pieces litter the white walls of the Exhibition hall, showing a vast range of characters and ideas hoping to provoke a dialogue in environmentalism and preservation of our planet. People were invited to share their own idea of the meaning behind an “Eco-Warrior”, even kids had their ideas and cutouts shared on the walls. This community gathering is what I like to see happening on High StDSC_0132

TDSC_0127he idea of self-identifying as an “Eco-Warrior” brings into question what it is that you yourself can do for the environment around you both with the planet and the people around you. This community gathering is what I like to see happening on High St, and it’s ever-growing arts scene. We hope to see more from Nazma in the future.

Images by Tom Parsell & Elena Prosser

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